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I'm dreadful at introductions, and I'm sure most of my former editors would agree. However, I suppose I should start with some background since I'm pinching people from the DW directory to be my friends.

As my userinfo states, my name is Liz and I'm a young twenty-something living in Cleveland, Ohio. In Job Land, I am a senior marketing associate for a regional manufacturing nonprofit, and it's a giant catch-all since content creation, graphic design, and lackey-esque tasks are part of the daily grind. In the real world, I live with my boyfriend and two cats, and between gaming and Seinfeld binges, I am rarely away from my monitor when I'm home.

I am a straight, white, middle-class, cis female who's pro-choice, pro-LGBT, and generally apathetic toward religion. However, I will rarely discuss any of this on Dreamwidth. In fact, I expect this account - like others - to descend into a mix of reality recaps, fandom-oriented posts, and some roleplaying scraps saved for future reference. Any fandom-related content will typically tie to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Flash/Arrow, a wealth of sci-fi TV shows (Stargate and BSG especially), and a limited number of YouTube/Twitch streamers. Feel free to indulge or ignore me, but it will be posted regardless, as I have nowhere else to go and Tumblr is not a sane alternative.

Despite having several accounts on networking/journaling sites over the last 10+ years, my current digital presence is very slim. You can add me on and/or Steam if you'd like, especially since music and gaming are my most-frequented activities these days. Otherwise, I will be blogging here under locked posts. A proper Friends Only entry will come later, but until then, I wish you happy reading!~

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